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Spanish national narrative and European narrative: a new narrative

The narrative of the European story that existed until recent times, in a few cases, benevolent and legitimating the process of European construction as it has been developed, relates to the context of the bipolar world in which it was born. After the Cold War, this narrative finds growing difficulties to adapt to the unstoppable phenomenon of globalization. The deep economic and financial crisis that we have gone through has revived old nationalistic and populist drives that we believed were cornered by the success of integration. A new narrative is needed that recovers shared cultural values and not just economic or political interests. On the other hand, the Spanish national story, from the years of transition, had in the incorporation to the European project its ancillary base. To modernize was to become Europeanized. Europe was the mortar to keep the country and its institutions together; now many voices are raised that warn that Europe is the problem. Spain also needs a new narrative as a country of integration.


Luis Domínguez Castro


All the members of the project

Results of research

  • Final international seminar, (penultimate quarter of 2018).
  • Articles of indexed journals.