Area 6

The evolution of Spain-Portugal cross-border cooperation

The joint admission in the EEC was the beginning of a new relationship between Spain and Portugal. The extensive shared border has become one of the most dynamic elements of this new relationship thanks to the impulse generated by the EU funds through the INTERREG initiative in its successive editions. Co-operative structures, similar to those on other European frontiers, but with a certain degree of originality, have been created under its auspices. In the last twenty-five years, local and regional structures have been born, with and without legal personality, that have been able to articulate networks that cover the entire border and even have been projected in networks of European scope, leading that process. The aim is to analyze the effectiveness of these structures in managing resources, to see the impact on the population of their work and to study the extent to which they have become actors that influence the public policies of their respective national governments.


Guillermo A. Pérez Sánchez


Results of research

  • Article in indexed journal of national and international character.