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The external projection of Spain in the EU. EU-SICA relations

It is possible to establish a parallel between the process of Central American integration and that of the EU, whose starting point was the desire to preserve peace through cooperation and collective security and in which economic integration has been the main and has taken the extension of political and legal authority over national boundaries. It is a question of deepening in this assertion to confirm it, to qualify it or to deny it. We will study first the remote antecedents - from the very dawn of emancipation - and recent - in parallel with the process of European construction itself. We will then analyse the relationship between the two integration processes, which has its temporary start in the so-called "San José Dialogue" and is definitively consolidated through successive EU-Central America summits. The expected result of this task will be to verify the degree of effectiveness demonstrated by EU support and, in particular, the role played by Spain in this process.


Ricardo Martín de la Guardia


Results of research