Area 3

European ideology and integration: Communism and the new left in western Europe (1950-2015)

European historiography is quite abundant on social democracy, Christian democracy or liberalism, and European integration, but it is not so with communism and the new left, perhaps because these ideological families rarely formed part of governments of community countries, perhaps because of the more recent emergence of the so-called "new left". However, these are groups with a high degree of influence on public opinion and other political actors, therefore, knowing the evolution of their position regarding the integration process is necessary. Presenting the causes of this evolution and their impact on the other actors involved in the management of the integration process is the expected result. This will analyse the parliamentary and public activity emanated from the different organizations that have belonged or belong to this ideological field.


Heidy Senante Berendes


Results of research

  • Seminar (first half of 2018) to present and discuss the results.
  • Articles of indexed journals