Inventory for the Council of the European Communities archives - 1974

The inventory for the fonds CM2/1974 is now available online. It is composed of 2322 files concerning the Community policy on development cooperation with UNCTAD, the work of the Council of the European Communities in the field of external relations and in particular trade and commercial agreements with non-Member countries, with international organisations, in particular EFTA and with the EC’s Mediterranean neighbours and the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP).

There is a series devoted to the Internal Market and industrial policy with a substantial number of files on the freedom of establishment and the free movement of goods and services.


The financing of food aid programmes for less developed countries is also well documented in this fonds.  As can be seen from the files, the regulation of the EC’s budget required an immense amount of work, as did agriculture. A considerable amount of regulations, proposals and directives were issued for all agricultural products regulated by the Community and for the Lardinois Plan which permitted a system of intervention for beef and sugar.

Social questions were at the forefront of the Council’s activities in 1974 in the field of education, labour and professional training.

The documents are mostly in French, German, Dutch and Italian, with a significant number also in English and Danish.

Access the inventory of the fonds CM2/1974.